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Frequently asked Questions

How many sachets are there in 1 box? Can it be used for a long time?

1 box contains 6 sachets (1 piece per envelopes )
Can be used for 12 hours
Untested product envelopes Can be stored for 2 years from the date of manufacture.

How are each formula different?

Properties Original Formula (PURPLE FORMULA)
● Red onion oil special species Helps relieve cold symptoms, stuffy nose, runny nose.

Properties of BLUE FORMULA
● Tea tree oil helps relieve inflammation Bacterial infection

Properties of ORANGE FORMULA
● Clove Oil: Rich in Anti-oxidants.

● Turmeric Oil: Contains anti-oxidants. help strengthen immunity

How many baht per box? Is there a promotion?

Products are ready for shipping. and the same price for all colors
1 box price $6.64 USD
You can follow the most valuable promotions via PROMOTION

Children and pregnant mothers, Can it be used?

Happy Noz. Onion stickers. All formulas can be used for newborns.
and safely pregnant mothers Because it is made from 100% organic ingredients.

  • For children under 1 year old, it is recommended to paste on the air conditioner or fan.
  • For children aged 1-3 years, can be attached to the shirt, air conditioner or fan.
  • For children over 3 years old, can be pasted on a mask, shirt, air conditioner or fan.
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