Bug Gurad is the first brand that we researched Thai herbs and produced the first mosquito repellent sticker in Thailand. It was tested for the effectiveness of repelling the Aedes mosquito (dengue fever) and the Culex mosquito (encephalitis), which can repel mosquitoes more than the standard due to the combination of three Thai herbs that have
been clinically tested to be safe for inhalation and protect lasting 24 hours. All ages can be used.

User Experience

Nong Nada

“Bug Guard is a very easy-to-use mosquito repellent sticker, easy to carry, peel and paste. Whether it’s on the clothes of the younger siblings or you can stick it on the fan like Nada.”

Tangky Binthawihok.

“Evil mosquito Not disturbing anymore, worth trying and it’s good. Excellent. Normally, melons are allergic to mosquitoes too. Especially now, if anyone is going to camp or go on a trip, they must have it on, so it’s perfect.”

Nong Nith

“Just peel and paste, mosquitoes don’t dare come near again. Innovative, very convenient. My mother was the most pleased with the story and liked it very much.”


“A lot of mosquitoes these days. The longer the camping time, the more One of the problems that bothers Bug guard is a simple mosquito repellent sticker that can be removed and attached to the shirt. Very patient, no matter how much you move, you can’t be comfortable all day and night.”