Puppy Noz

Puppy Noz is a mosquito repellent patch designed for pet owners who deeply care for their beloved animals.

As pets cannot take care of themselves, Puppy Noz comes in the form of stickers for easy application.

Simply attach it to their collars, cages, pet beds, or fans.

It can effectively repel mosquitoes for up to 24 hours. The product is 100% organic, free from any harmful substances, and poses no danger to pets.

By using Puppy Noz, pet owners can reduce the need for giving their pets medications and using products directly applied to their pets’ skin. Additionally, it helps minimize the risk of heartworm disease, a mosquito-borne disease in dogs.


User Experience

รีวิวจาก lamer.thecorgi

Lamer the corgi

“Triple Actions, this concentrated extract, is free of any residual substances. Moms can rest assured because it is 100% organic, gentle, and safe for their beloved pets.”

รีวิว Puppy Noz

K.Patarapong Asavaseranee

“Protect your pet from mosquito bites and diseases with PUPPY NOZ’s mosquito repellent patches.”

รีวิว Puppy Noz


“Today, RUDOLPH’s house has tried the “Pet-friendly mosquito repellent patch” from PUPPY NOZ. Personally, Moms feels that the natural fragrance is gentle and safe for pets.”

How to use Puppy noz